Shared office for 4 laboratories, medical research support center

This office located on the 4th Floor, Center for Anatomical, Pathological, and Forensic Medical Researches manages the clerical work of the following 4 laboratories.

We also manage a variety of common use equipment mainly at the drug discovery center.

Table of contents

Laboratory working hours

Weekdays 9:30~17:00 (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, and University Holidays)
* Various consignment samples and applications, and use of large format printers will be accepted only during the above-mentioned working hours.

Download internal regulations and forms

Those who want to use the services, should register before the usage. Download the “Medical Research Support Center usage registration form” given below and prepare the application form (Seal/stamp required). Usage registration is required every year.

Place of submission: Medical Research Support Center, Staff Room (Room No.402), 4th Floor, Center for Anatomical, Pathological, and Forensic Medical Researches.
* When sending through mail within the campus, mention “Medical Research Support Center” in the address.

[Download internal regulations and forms common to 4 laboratories]

[Download internal regulations and price chart for utilization of consignment analysis]

Click this link for details on DNA sequencing analysis.。

Click  this link for details on Mass Spectrometry.

[Download internal regulations and price chart for usage of shared equipment]

Application form for the usage of each shared equipment can be downloaded from the page of shared equipment list.

Click herefor any inquiries on usage of shared equipment.

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When publishing the results obtained by using the Medical Research Support Center

Submit the results report when the research results are announced. Based on the results report, number of results at the end of the project will be complied and listed in the report.

Results report (Form)

When presenting papers, we request you to use the sample sentences given below. It would be highly appreciated if you acknowledge (Or add as a co-author) according to the level of contribution for the results.


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Phone number:
075-753-4418 (Extension 4418, 16-4418)

info[@] (Drug discovery center, shared equipment, and other centers in general)
infoseq[@] (DNA sequencing analysis laboratory
infoms[@] (Mass spectrometry laboratory

* Remove the brackets of @ mark and replace with a single byte character.

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Information on briefing

Briefing session on the overview, and operating procedure of the shared equipment installed at the Medical Research Support Center will be conducted when required. If you are interested in using or want information on the equipment available, please attend the briefing.

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