about KUMaCo

  KUMaCo (Kyoto University Management System for Core Facilities) is a unique online management system developed for the core facilities in Kyoto University. Several processes, including registration for using iSAL supports, reservation of  equipment, and requests for contract analyses, are managed using KUMaCo. 

  After iSAL registration has been completed, click the logo below to login “KUMaCo My Portal”.

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Registration (2024)

   User registration and KUMaCo account creation are required for using equipment and service of iSAL.

   >   All Users are required to register. 
   >   User registration needs to be renewed each year.
Users who registered in 2023 are required to renew.

   Please Refer “KUMaCo User Manuals”  in this page.

Registration Renewal

  Please log in to KUMaCo My Portal and apply for renewing registration.

   Reception Period: from March 18 to June 30, 2024

<Note> After reception period of registration renewal ends, users cannot renew registration in KUMaCo My Portal. In case users do not renew within the period, please register as new user. If your email address and personal number are the same as last year’s ones, the new account will be automatically linked to your last year’s account.

New Registration (Web)

   >  Internal Users (Reception Period: March 19, 2024 to February 28, 2025)
   >  External Users (Reception Period: March 25, 2024 to February 14, 2025)

*External Users who register iSAL at first time need to submit another document in advance. Please contact iSAL office in advance.
*Remittance from overseas is not supported.

New Registration (Batch)

   Download the batch application format (Excel file) below, fill the required fields, and submit the form to iSAL office. Please refer to section 2-5 of KUMaCo User Manuals.

(In Japanese)
   >   Batch application for on-campus users
        (Reception Period: March 26, 2024 to February 28, 2025)

   >   Batch application for off-campus users
        (Reception Period: March 26, 2024 to February 14, 2025)


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KUMaCo User Manuals

(March, 2023)

   Please refer the user manuals below. All are in Japanese. English version is in preparation.  

 1. about KUMaCo
 2. Registration detailed manual
  2-1. Registration Renewal (for Internal Users)
  2-2. Registration Renewal (for External Users)
  2-3. New Registration (for Internal Users)
  2-4. New Registration (for External Users)
  2-5. New Registration (Batch)
 3. My Portal detailed manual
  3-1. How to Change Password
  3-2. How to Change Registered Information
 4. Equipment (detailed manual #1#2#3
  4-1. Registration with Equipment
  4-2. Reservation
  4-3. How to Record Usage Time
 5. Servicesdetailed manual
 6. DNA Sequencing Servicedetailed manual
 7. How to Register Additional Budget (Only for Internal Users)
  7-1. Web
  7-2. Batch
 8. My Portal Account for Accountant

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   If you have any questions on KUMaCo, please contact “iSAL Office” via an email.


   **Please remove the parentheses from the at sign and convert to half-width alphanumeric characters.