Division for Mouse Behavior Analysis

Updated February 7, 2018


At the mouse behavior analysis laboratory, it is possible to conduct behavior analysis experiments by utilizing behavior analysis equipment. Operating from April 2012.


Faculty of Medicine Bldg. H, Faculty of Medicine Campus, Yoshida Campus


Various tests can be performed in the SPF specification environment.

Behavioral experiments described in the usage guide of mouse behavior analysis laboratory can be performed.
For inquiries on details, send an email to our laboratory address.

Usage method

The summary is given in the mouse behavior analysis laboratory usage guide. For more details, refer to the following.。

To use the services, fill the necessary items in the mouse behavior analysis request document(Mouse behavior analysis request document 2018062)after discussing each of the above-mentioned items, and schedule will be adjusted accordingly. If a person is deployed to perform the experiments, the implementation period can be advanced separately from the schedule of other experiments.。

When the feasible time for bringing in the mouse draws close, we will get in touch with you approximately 1 to 2 months prior to the arrival.

Future reservation status

If you make a reservation now, analysis can be conducted after March 2019..


Mouse behavior analysis laboratory (mouse_behavior “*” support-center.med.kyoto-u.ac.jp)

(* Send the email by replacing (at) with @)

Tips:Information on behavior analysis

Introduction to the information and links related to behavior analysis.


Usage fee revised on October 1, 2017 Different usage fee regulations are applicable according to your affiliation, medical school, on-campus, or off-campus. Please refer to “Usage method” of the mouse behavior analysis laboratory usage guide (word document) for further details.