Division for Small Animal MRI

We support research that uses MRI measurements.


Preclinical 7T MRI/MRS system BioSpec 70/20 USR (Bruker BioSpin)

Measurement target

Experimental small animals (mouse and rat), excised organs or tissues, fixed specimens, cell suspensions, and solution samples.

Usage method

Please send your inquiries to the email address of our laboratory. We will proceed after prior consultation regarding research contents and MRI measurements.

Usage fee

Charges for analysis of small animals using MRI


School of Human Health Sciences, North Bldg. Basement, Faculty of Medicine, University Hospital, West Campus, Yoshida Campus


Phone: 075-751-3955
E-mail: preclinical_mri(at)support-center.med.kyoto-u.ac.jp
(* When sending an email, please replace (at) with @)