Drug Discovery Center

With support from the cutting-edge research infrastructure projects “Development of Cutting-Edge Drug Discovery Research and Educational Infrastructure Utilizing Compound Libraries”, (2010 – 2012), “Platform Project for Supporting Drug Discovery and Life Science Research” (Stage I: 2012 to 2015, Stage II: 2016 to 2020) at Kyoto University, we are promoting research on drug discovery and chemical biology as a collaboration center for drug discovery research by nationwide academia. Since 2016, we have taken up the responsibility for a part of the “Basis for Supporting Innovative Drug Discovery and Life Science Research BINDS” (Chemical seeds, lead search unit: Library and screening domain), which is part of the activities of the “Platform Project for Supporting Drug Discovery and Life Science Research”, enabling us to support researchers who want to conduct more research on drug discovery over a wider area.

The Drug Discovery Center (Former name: Drug Discovery Center Core Laboratory) was established within the Medical Research Support Center at the Graduate School of Medicine and joint use research infrastructure for drug discovery was developed. We have prepared the equipment necessary for compound screening and verification of action mechanism.

Click here for information on the usage method of the Center for Anatomical, Pathological, and Forensic Medical Researches on the 4th floor, and briefings on each installed equipment.

Compounds Available at the Drug Discovery Center

The Drug Discovery Center supports screening design and first screening. The initial compound library of this center consists of existing drugs as well as compounds whose functions are known.
Using compounds whose action mechanism has been clarified, is effective for screening focused on phenotypes and as a first choice for compound libraries when positive control compounds are not known.
At present, approximately 2500 compounds are available and can be provided in plate units (10 mM in 100% DMSO, 5 µl/well, 80 compounds/ plate, 1 plate for each screening in principle). The main compound libraries are as follows and will be expanded in the future.

Library of the drugs received from companies available at the Medical Research Support Center
(Limited to campus).

The Medical Research Support Center has been collecting compounds received from companies since 2016. Please check the details of each library and supply conditions from each compound library name.

How to proceed the chemical screening with MRSC

1) Prior consultation for the screening method
To find out if there are points for collaboration at the center for improving the screening method, we will hold prior consultations before the submission of application. Please prepare and bring the screening related materials (such as research outline) to the center.

2) Acceptance of the application for compound plate
If you want to use the compounds, download the individual form from the links given below along with the registration application for using the center.
For the purpose of accounting management, submit separate forms for each compound that you require.
One form can be used if you require multiple compounds together, however, separate applications have to be submitted if the screening system is different.

3) Implementation of screening (Each researcher)

4) Verification of hit compounds
Compounds can be provided in small aliquots for hit compound verification in primary screening (10 µL of 10 mM in 100% DMSO solution in principle).
Send a summary of the screening results in advance (Mail accepted).

5) Secondary evaluation of hit compounds (Researchers)
To perform secondary evaluation of compounds for which reproducibility could be confirmed, purchasing the compounds before dissolution is recommended. Decision to make the purchase is left to each researcher.

6) Results report (For each researcher, upon completion of screening, or every year)
Inform the results obtained (Such as presentation at scientific societies and papers, and patent application status) every year or after completing screening when these compounds are used.
Please note that we may use the information received in various reports.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the center.

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Other compound library resources

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University
Pharmacogenomics and Chemogenomics Drug Discovery Core Laboratory

We possess more than 30,000 compounds including unique compounds obtained from chemosynthesis research at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. For information on joint use, visit the following Website.

Click here for the link to the Website of Pharmacogenomics and Chemogenomics Drug Discovery Core Laboratory

Drug Discovery Initiative, The University of Tokyo

It is the first institution to provide a public library of low-molecular weight compounds in Japan.
The institution has over 200,000 compounds that can be used by paying only the actual cost.
For details, refer to the following link.

Click here for the link to the Website of Drug Discovery Initiative, The University of Tokyo

In addition, contracts for dispensation are not signed between laboratories, but between organizations.
Persons affiliated with the Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University are requested to contact the Medical Research Support Center for consultation regarding the procedures.

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