Division of Medicinal Chemistry

Organic low-molecular weight compounds are indispensable as drugs, and tools for medical research. Candidate compounds of drugs are guided to an optimum pattern from the perspective of activity, pharmacokinetics and toxicity using synthetic development. When chemical compounds are used and evaluated, each chemical compound is required to be handled appropriately depending on the research details and experiment techniques. The synthetic development support laboratory provides extensive support for various issues faced when handling low-molecular weight compounds, by utilizing the knowledge and technology of organic chemistry.

Example of support content

Advice –Advice-
・Advice on the stability and storage methods of compounds
・Advice on handling of compounds in experimental set-ups (Such as dissolution methods)
・Advice on extraction methods and analysis conditions of compounds from biological samples

Technical support -Technical support
・Structure and purity analysis of entrusted compounds
・Examination of stability of entrusted compounds

Synthetic approach -Synthetic approach – Synthetic development support-
・Supply of compounds not available in the market
・Introduction of functional molecules to bioactive compounds (Such as biotin modification and fluorescent labelling)
・Synthetic development with activity, pharmacokinetics and toxicity as indicators, following the study of the structure-activity correlation of the screening results


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