Greetings from the director of Medical Research Support Center

In order to promote the medicinal research level with securing international growth and competitiveness, it is important not only just to introduce the most advanced equipment but also to fully utilize them. However, it is becoming more and more difficult to catch up with diversification of the leading edge technology introduced to the life science research: researchers have to spend lots of time not only for their own research but also for the administrations of these equipment, which is coming to heavy burden, especially for young researchers.

So how can we minimize administrative task to facilitate the efficacy and secure the long-term competitive power of life science research? One of the answers would be“sharing”: Shearing the advanced machines with leading edge technology allows to keep good condition via continuous use and keen watching to the condition, especially when there are skillful support from the facility.

Medical Research Support Center (MRSC) was founded on November 11th, 2011 to fulfill this aim. At present, MRSC consists 7 divisions: Drug Discovery Center, Division for DNA Sequencing, Division for Mass Spectrometry, Kyoto University Live Imaging Center, Division for Mouse Behavior Analysis, Division for Small Animal MRI, and Division of Medicinal Chemistry. The concept of MRSC is to maintain expensive research instruments systematically and efficiently for easy use for all researchers, especially for young investigators. We also provide the opportunity to learn high research techniques, via organizing several orientations or lab courses. All users can use all equipment with small charge to develop one series of the research scheme with seamless combination.

In order to contribute to the promotion of your research, we will keep doing the best.

Professor Masatoshi Hagiwara
Director of Medical Research Support Center