Restrictions to prevent Covid-19 infection

Dear Users,

Please be informed that Medical Research Support Center (Hereafter MRSC) makes restrictions due to Policy of Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University.

Some of users might get restrictions to use MRSC services. It is to prevent spread of Covid-19 infection with reducing frequency of interpersonal contact. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

[Restrictions scope of MRSC services]

_To use Research Instruments managed by Drag Discovery Center.
(Med-pharm building Floor3 and Floor5 and Faculty of Medicine Center for Anatomical Study Floor4)

_To entrust Samples for DNA Sequencing Service managed by Division for DNA sequencing and Bioinformatics

_To visit laboratories regarding contract of analyzing by Small Animal MRI division.

[Restrictions for users]

*It is to align policy issued by Dean of Graduation School of Medicine as of April 14. MRSC is positioned as “Basic Medicine Laboratory” so that MRSC does not accept following users.

_Faculty/staff members in the research field of Clinical Medicine (including graduate students who engage in medical activities at Kyoto University Hospital.

_Persons who belong to other than Kyoto University (*1) are scope of restricted users.
(*1) Except Innovation Hub Kyoto members.


Study for Preventing Covid-19 infection is out of scope of above restrictions.
In case your study is for Covid-19 and you are in above restricted scope, we would appreciate if you could inform it.

Thank you for cooperation.