Entry to each room in the Med-Pharm Collaboration Building

Those who want to use the shared equipment in the Drug Discovery Center, 5th floor, and Shared Equipment Laboratory (Inside Innovation Hub Kyoto), 3rd floor of the Med-Pharm Collaboration Building, please follow the below procedure.

Those who have been issued ID card (Authentication IC card) by Kyoto University

1) Register your ID card. Fill in the necessary items in the “Application form for entry to and exit from the Med-Pharm Collaboration Building” and submit by email. Registration takes approximately 1 week.

2) After receiving the entry card system registration completion email, visit the Med-Pharm Collaboration Building to test if the ID card is working. If it is not working, please check the validity period of the ID card. Also notify the sections where the ID card is not working to the administrative department of the Faculty of Medicine on the 3rd floor of the building.

[Locations where the card is not working] Elevator Hall (3rd floor, 5th floor) and Laboratory (3rd floor 306, 5th floor 504)
[Contact] 3rd floor, Faculty of Medicine, Administrative Department

3) When the ID card is re-issued, it has to be registered again.

4) The method described below can be used for entry until registration completion is notified by email.


Until ID card registration completion is notified by email, or for those who have not been issued ID card by Kyoto University

1) Reserve the required equipment using Google calendar and send the following details by email. We may not be able to coordinate if the notification email is not received in advance.

[Time during which staff can provide support] 9:30-17:00

The Med-Pharm Collaboration Building is open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Entry to the building is not permitted after 6:00 PM, users can exit the building at any time.

2) Come to the 5th floor using the elevator at the entrance on Marikouji-dori, and call using the intercom provided. [Extension: 9528]